GEM is a central open marketplace for companies and ministries who are empowering people all over the world through orphan prevention, trafficking restoration, agricultural development, fair trade wages, job and life skills training and much more.  We're always looking to discover and partner with more companies who have the same heartbeat.

At GEM we believe wholeheartedly that all people have the capacity to create, produce, and lead, but some countries lack sufficient access to open markets which limits people's ability to thrive. Our focus is on using our resources to drive customers to the GEM site where they would have access to a host of fantastic companies like yours who are doing the great work of empowering lives. We want to help you sell more and expand your mission!  In many cases, we will also purchase wholesale product from you to sell at our in-person venues as well

To be considered for becoming a vendor on GEM, you show must evidence that your company is committed to empowering people in one of the following two ways (or both):

1) Your production processes are structured in a way that provides jobs, training, opportunity, or development to target populations who are vulnerable due to oppression, poverty, abuse, discrimination, lack of education, or simply lack of opportunity.

2) Are committed to giving financially to ministries and programs who have a successful process of "teaching people how to fish" and moving forward in life, not just providing aid.

If you feel your company is a good fit for GEM and you would like to join us, please read up on the following and then fill out the Vendor Application below. 

GEM Vendor Policies 

Prohibited Products

Vendor Terms of Service

Privacy Policy


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