In addition to exclusively partnering with empowering companies, GEM also strives to ensure the best shopping experience for customers, so it is required that all vendors adhere to the following policies.

Failure to follow these guidelines is a violation of our Vendor Terms of Service Agreement and can result in the suspension of your GEM store page.

  • GEM charges a flat 18% commission on all transactions which includes a credit card processing fee of approximately 3%.
  • Your products must be physical -- digital downloads are not supported at this time.
  • All contact information (including a valid email address and location) must be visible on your store page.
  • Your store policies for shipping, returns and handling fees must be visible on your store page.
  • Your delivery timeframe must be accurate.
  • Stock levels should remain current and accurate at all times.
  • The images on your website must be your own and not infringe on any copyrights.
  • You are responsible for fulfilling orders you sell on GEM. You can list products just like you would on your own website.
    • It's your responsibility to enter your shipping settings appropriately for your business.
    • You must “fulfill” orders with tracking numbers or “cancel” orders from GEM within 7 days.
      • When you begin selling on GEM, you may find an increased number of orders! We strongly encourage fulfilling them with tracking numbers as soon as they come in to prevent any order backlog.
      • All orders must have tracking numbers including carriers or tracking URLs.
  • GEM can require proof of delivery on escalated cases (i.e. when a customer declares they have not received an order).
  • We expect timely communication and responsiveness from all sellers on GEM. If a GEM team member reaches out regarding a customer inquiry, please respond within 24 hours. If we do not receive a response, GEM has the ability to cancel or refund the order in question.
  • While resellers are not prohibited from selling on GEM, our primary desire is to work directly with the companies who are doing the manufacturing.
    • If manufacturers are not yet selling on GEM, resellers are welcome.
    • If a manufacturer signs up to be a vendor and has the same product to list as a reseller, the manufacturer will be given priority and the reseller's product will be removed or put in a back-up position should the manufacturer run out of stock.
  • The following behavior is grounds for disabling a store from selling on GEM:
    • Product misrepresentation
    • Delayed order fulfillment
    • Delayed communication
    • Multiple and consistent negative customer feedback or reviews
    • Multiple and consistent negative product feedback or reviews
    • Selling products that GEM prohibits

Thank you for reviewing our Vendor Policies. To move forward with us, please fill out our Vendor Application.

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