Global Empowerment Marketplace (or GEM) is a central open marketplace for companies and ministries who are empowering people all over the world through orphan prevention, trafficking restoration, agricultural development, job and life skills training and much more. At GEM we believe wholeheartedly that all people have the capacity to create, produce, and lead but some countries lack sufficient access to open markets which limits the ability to thrive. Our desire is to expand access for small producers to the global marketplace and thus increase their capacity to grow their businesses, provide for their families, and be leaders in their communities and countries.

Each vendor on GEM is committed to empowerment in one of two ways:

1) Structure their production process provide jobs, training, opportunity, or development to target populations who are vulnerable due to oppression, poverty, abuse, discrimination, lack of education, or simply lack of opportunity.

2) Are committed to giving financially to ministries and programs who have a successful process of "teaching people how to fish" and moving forward in life, not just providing aid.

If you are a ministry or company who fits this criteria, CLICK HERE to learn more about selling your products with us.

While vendors on GEM are not required to agree to a certain spiritual belief system, the leadership at GEM wholeheartedly believes in the transforming power of Jesus Christ and that, in Him, we as humans can realize empowerment in its fullest. We also believe that the local church is at the center of His heart and His mission in the world.  Thus, GEM is committed to donating 10% of its online commission revenues to two organizations who are committed to empowering local churches all over the world to care for and equip the most vulnerable - World Relief and Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO).



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